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The Russian nameTaxonomyOrderFamilyIn European partIntroduced
Roborovski’s Desert Hamster
Phodopus roborovskii
Rodents (Rodentia)Cricetids (Cricetidae)NoNo
Eversmann’s Hamster
Allocricetulus eversmanni
Rodents (Rodentia)Cricetids (Cricetidae)YesNo
Hooded Seal
Cystophora cristata
Carnivores (Carnivora)True (Earless) Seals (Phocidae)YesNo
Black Rat
Rattus rattus
Rodents (Rodentia)Old World Mice and Rats (Muridae)YesYes
Chuli bat
Myotis tschuliensis
Chiropterans (Bats) (Chiroptera)Common Bats (Vespertilionidae)YesNo
Golden jackal
Canis aureus
Carnivores (Carnivora)Canids (Canidae)YesNo
Hokkaido Red-backed Vole
Craseomys rex
Rodents (Rodentia)Cricetids (Cricetidae)NoNo
European Free-tailed Bat
Tadarida teniotis
Chiropterans (Bats) (Chiroptera)Free-tailed Bats (Molossidae)YesNo
Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat
Rhinolophus euryale
Chiropterans (Bats) (Chiroptera)Horseshoe Bats (Rhinolophidae)NoNo
Japanese long-tailed field mouse
Apodemus speciosus
Rodents (Rodentia)Old World Mice and Rats (Muridae)NoNo
Japanese Long-eared Bat
Plecotus sacrimontis
Chiropterans (Bats) (Chiroptera)Common Bats (Vespertilionidae)NoNo
Showing 321-331 of 331 items.